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School Safety

Safety is our number one priority EVERY day.  We have well-designed safety procedures in place, have an active safety committee, participate in a yearly state Safety Audit, and continually provide information and a myriad of safety-related training for staff. We practice emergency procedures with our students on a regular prescribed basis and teach them what to do in various situations.

We take a proactive / preventative approach to creating and maintaining a safe environment in our school through our Character Education Program, our NFES Behavior Expectations (this includes students, staff and parents), classroom guidance lessons, bullying prevention, small group counseling, and daily classroom morning meetings. If a student has any concern, he / she is encouraged to let an adult know directly.

It takes everyone in our school community to make our school as safe as it can be. You can do your part by:

–       Calling us if you have any safety-related questions or concerns. We encourage input from our community and are always glad to talk with you.

–       Being thoroughly familiar with the Nuckols Farm Family Handbook, following all procedures outlined and being thoroughly familiar with the HCPS Code of Conduct.

–       Letting us know right away if your emergency information changes (new phone numbers, places of employment, etc.).

–       Calling school before 8:00 if your child is going to be absent.

–       Using extreme caution in our parking lot and never parking at the front entrance. This is a fire lane.

–       Always displaying your car tag for student pick-up and following all transportation procedures.

–       Identifying yourself when using our buzzer entry system and never allowing a person to enter behind you who has not yet been acknowledged by the office staff.

–       Always wearing a nametag when visiting or volunteering and respectfully following any directions given by a staff member throughout your visit. This is especially critical in case of emergency or an emergency drill.

–       Being positive role models for our students whenever you are with us, in your words, actions, and demeanor.

–       If you live close by, helping us to be good stewards of our grounds and reporting any after hours concerns to the Henrico Police non-emergency number (501-5000).

–       Being well-informed about HCPS School Safety Policies and Practices by visiting the HCPS School Safety Website at: This site includes a wealth of information and resources for families.

In safety related news, please review this traffic plan in order to enter and exit the school grounds in a secure manner.

A JPEG of a Google map showing the following: the primary exit that leads to the Virginia Women's Center and North Gayton Road, the secondary exit that leads towards Gayton Hills Lane, the carpool entrance at the front of the school, and the bus loop entrance and exit on the left side of the school parallel to Gayton Hills Lane. This JPEG also shows that the Virginia Women's Center is our primary evacuation site, and Our Lady of Hope is our secondary evacuation site.